What Others Have to Say

  1. Michelle
    Finally I feel that I am in control of my health. Dr. T. has helped me understand what my body needs to work efficiently. I know I’m making better choices that are helping my whole family.”.
  2. David
    “Dr.Tsingis has done amazing things for me with her broad skill set--she's practically saved my life more than once.”
  3. Diane
    “ I’ve learned so much from her and am aware of her constant updating of the information in her field. Dr. Tsingis has been a joy to work with.”
  4. Yolanda
    "I was in a low state with my diabetes. Dr. T. helped me through these tough times. I lost body fat that I had for years, my weight has flawlessly dropped. I would introduce her to any family member, or friend. Dr. T. thank you! “
  5. Alex
    Dr. Tsingis' caring and thoughtful approach provided me with the knowledge and foundation to address the stresses in my life. She showed me step-by-step how to make the changes to become healthier. Forever grateful to Dr. T!
  6. Carol
    "Theresa is a caring practitioner determined to improve her patient's quality of life. She researches and thinks outside the box to find solutions and is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her. “