A medical issue that affected the doctor personally illustrates her approach for all of her patients.
One of her family’s younger members began to exhibit marked behavior changes for unknown reasons. The most obvious diagnosis was that of a psychiatric disorder. The child was prescribed medications. Essentially, medicine had performed its standard of care and did not look further. 

Dr. Tsingis persisted to discover that a little-known cardiac-related condition was causing the child’s symptoms. Focused treatment began and the psychiatric medications were discontinued. The doctor, aware that the causes of this disorder were poorly understood, continued to research, delving into the medical literature, tests, and case studies. That is how she discovered that he had active tick-borne infections (one being Lyme disease), the underlying cause of his condition. 

This child, instead of enduring a life-long misdiagnosis of mental illness, is now receiving treatment for significant infections and is on his way to recovery.